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Check Point is the owner of ZoneAlarm and this company has a long and credible history and has been one of the pioneers in security products via networking. ZoneAlarm which is considered to be a decent antivirus program is licenced by Kaspersky.


ZoneAlarm is focused on antivirus protection but also includes a low level security feature with its firewall inclusion. Overall for the average user this allows for good protection.


What you are getting with ZoneAlarm is protection against viruses and malware as well as hacker prevention. Plus, your online privacy is being protected along with your identity. If you want additional protection you can advance from the free version to the Pro version.


ZoneAlarm does have a free version which for most personal PC users it should be enough protection. However, the Pro version may be more applicable for the business sector. The ZoneAlarm has a lot of powerful protection to it. It has an impressive two way firewall for extra protection, along with some other extra features.


ZoneAlarm doesn’t rely on independent lab testing for credibility regarding its performance. This software is licenced by Kaspersky but it doesn’t contain everything that the Kaspersky software does. One thing that it is lacking is phishing protection.


There is a free version for the personal PC user, but for businesses the Pro version is recommended which costs $19.95 per year.


If you are looking for some basic but strong antivirus protection for your personal use computer and devices then the free version of ZoneAlarm should be enough to meet your needs. However, on a business level you will probably want to go with the Pro version. This version gives you more protection plus includes an anti-phishing module. You will find that the platform is easy to install and use so there are no learning curves that you need to deal with. Overall you should be pleased with what you can expect from ZoneAlarm.


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