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Our Best AntiVirus for 2019 – Simple to Use, Removes Spyware and Malware, Quick and Efficient. Excellent Value for Money

Brief Overview

TotalAV Antivirus was a highly recommended service in 2018, and this year it has become even better. It’s sleek and efficient design does not compromise it’s easy to use features and excellent value for money. If there’s one thing to be sure of, it’s that TotalAV will not let you down, providing complete protection for you, and your device.

Value for Money

For less than just $2 a month, TotalAV will do all that a competitor AntiVirus will, and much, much more. Offering fantastic features, such as advanced firewall, award winning system booster, and file manager, TotalAV really does give you all that you need and more. To give an idea of value, its feature list offers features worth well over $300 against some of its competitors.

The TotalAV’s Multi Licence option, encourages it users to protect other devices in their household, such as smartphones and tablet devices, giving all round total protection.

Security and Reliability

It is understandable that a product that offers so much, performs highly in tests against security and reliability. Installation of the product is a doddle, and once installed, the application will scan all parts of a users device for potential and existing threats. Removal of these is quick and easy, and the product will continue to work silently in the background, offering its users complete protection without even knowing it is working its magic. In short, TotalAV offers its users a way to not only protect their PC, laptop, MAC, smartphone or tablet from harmful threats, but will also ensure it’s running at its full capacity.

- Removes harmful threats

- Increases Security

- Supports PC, MAC, Smartphone and Tablet

- 100% Protection

- Defends Against Spam

- Deletes Unwanted Junk Files

Customer Support

TotalAv has a full range of services available, to ensure its customers get the all-round support they need to ensure total, all round security. Unlike most they offer Telephone, Email support, and a live chat feature, as well as a range of online tutorials to access at any time. As technology becomes easier to use, it is refreshing to see a company take an open and human approach to support, which further cements them as our favourite product of 2019.


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