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The Panda Pro Antivirus for 2016 is comparable with the other antivirus offerings. For those that want to scale up their protection Panda offers other types of security packages that each have their own offerings for scaling levels of protection. In the awards department for this software Panda lists Intel software partner, AV Comparatives, AV Test Certified, and Virus Bulletin.


Panda promotes itself as having the ability to protect against the threats that come with malware and having real time protection against viruses. This Panda product is being recommended for the home PC user and works well with the tablets and mobile devices.


While you can expect antivirus protection with the Panda Pro the software also includes a firewall to help add protection to your Wi-Fi. This helps to prevent intruders and connections that are not authorized. The Panda Pro will give you peace of mind when using the web for whatever it is that enjoy doing the most.


The type of protection that you can count on is the protection against viruses and internet threats. You are well covered when it comes to potential hacks, and it includes android protection. Panda subjects its software to independent lab testing and fares pretty well when it comes to the results.


The minor negative aspects for the Panda pro consists of it not having as many options available to Apple user. More importantly is that it did not perform as well in the anti-phishing category as some of its competitors. There were also some weaknesses detected in the firewall component with some feeling that it didn’t possess the necessary flexibility.


The cost of the Panda Pro Version for 2016 is $38.49. for a one year coverage


Overall in all of the important antivirus categories for protection the Panda Pro could be classed as average. Even with the additional bonuses it could be classed the same way. The big bonus however comes with the android protection. Another great feature about Panda is that it does have some decent support behind it which is classed as a plus.


We are using a ten point scoring system with a max. of 2 points being allotted for each category for a top score of 10.

1.5 1.5 2 2 1.5 8.5


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