About Norton


Norton antivirus software isn’t one of the best-known products in the industry without reason. Offering comprehensive protection across all known viruses, malware, scams and spams as well as regular updates, Norton protects your software and is also easy-to-use. It’s priced well and its features are easily accessible across all the operating systems it’s compatible with – which is most of them.


There are a number of options ranging from a basic package for one PC or laptop to a deluxe version that has licences for up to 10 systems.
The basic package defends your systems against:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Online threats

It also provides protection for your online identity and online transactions.
The Premium package, meanwhile offers all the above, plus:

  • 100% protection guarantee
  • Ensures emails and links come from a trusted source
  • Raises alerts over potentially risky Android app before you download them
  • Can be used on multiple systems with just one subscription
  • Protects your children from unsafe content and also guards against online sharing
  • Features to manage your kid online and offline time
  • Automatically backs up photos, financial files and other information on your PC
  • Includes 25 GB of secure cloud storage, with additional protection against ransomware.

Some particular Norton antivirus highlights include a focus in data protection and recovery for social networking and online scams. Its firewall has been much improved and is now rated among the highest. It also cleans, tunes and speeds up, up to three of your PCs, with just one yearly signup.

Our view

Norton wins users over – including us – on ease-of-installation and use. The range of options mean it’s affordable for most and the customer support is helpful too. You’ll struggle to find a better level of protection across so many systems, with great support and fair pricing.


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