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Kaspersky is a brand that has grown in popularity over the last several years. It is a company that is well recognized in the security industry, and has gained a reputation for the provision of one of the most reliable antivirus protection software available.


Kaspersky antivirus software has a long list of core protection that it offers. This is just its basic program which has then been stepped up with its safe surfing, url advisor, anti-blocker and system watcher features.


With the base antivirus protection being as strong as what it is in Kaspersky then the added features one can say that this software provides all of the protection that is necessary and expected to give PC users confidence in knowing that they are well protected. Something else that the Kaspersky antivirus software is being well recognized for is its speed in performing its detection and protection.


Along with everything that Kaspersky has included in its software it has also provided phishing coverage. This particular coverage is being considered as exceptional by some who have done their own testing with it. It is also being noted for using less system resources compared to some of its competitors.


Some testers feel that it may be slightly lacking in its protection for malware blocking and checking malicious URLs.


The cost for a one year subscription for one PC is $39.99.


Kaspersky subjects its software to the majority of the standard testing labs as well as they run their own extensive testing. They always seem to rank high in the independent labs so that should be enough to instill confidence in the user. It is important to really understand the extra features that afford the extra protection. By knowing this it helps you to make an informed decision as to whether these forms of extra protection are of value to you as you rate them in regards to personal importance.


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