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Avira has been in the web security and antivirus protection industry for over thirty years, and one of their distinctive approaches is separating what they have to offer between personal protection and business protection, which is a good move because the needs are different.


For those that are looking for protection for personal use computers they can take advantage of the free Avira AntiVirus software offerings. Then for those who are looking for more extensive business protection they can use the Pro version.


Naturally the benefits are going to differ between the free version and the Pro version with the most significant being the level of support. Free users have to rely on forums and self help for their answers. Pro users get to contact Avira with their queries through different mediums such as email or phone.


The pros really are reliant on the good ratings that Avira receives through independent lab testing. They really shine when it comes to block testing for URLs and blocking browser trackers. Of course another plus is the Free version, which appears to be adequate for personal users.


The bad news is that for those that use internet explorer the url and tracker blocking as well as the phishing protection is not available. The software also seems to be weak in the phishing protection.


Personal Use version is Free but the Pro version costs $44.99


Overall Alvira is best recognized for its browser protection and has a decent reputation for its malware protection. The big disappointment is with its Phishing protection. For personal use you are getting a lot of benefits for free, but you will need to make the decision as to whether the Pro version has all the value you would expect for the price. The URL blocking is an important protection but for some they want solid protection for phishing protection and this software falls a little short. Plus if you are one that likes to use Internet Explorer for your searching then you are not going to be able to take advantage of the protection you may want here.


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